Kardon Park is Heading to the PA Supreme Court!

After 7+ years, the Kardon Park battle is heading into the final stretch!!! The Supreme Court of Pa will hear the appeals of both sides (Friends of Kardon Park/Feldman/Kim Mfg vs. Borough/Developer). When will this happen? Maybe in September or maybe not until next year. There will be a volley of four legal briefs (bad guys, good guys, bad guys, good guys). The first is due March 29th along with multiple copies of the ginormous reproduced record, then each brief is due 14 days after the preceding one is filed.

Folks, Friends of Kardon Park needs donations. Hopefully, the next time Friends requests donations it will be to help restore the park to its pre-litigation beauty! Until that time, money is needed for this final push. Let’s help Friends out so they WIN! By supporting Friends, that will send a message to the Government (Borough Council, in this case) that they DON’T rule over the people. They’re here FOR the people, and if they can’t figure out how to serve, they need to GET OUT..

Visit the Friends of Kardon Park facebook page or www.savekardonpark.com to make a donation online or send your donation via snail mail to PO Box 401, Downingtown, PA 19335