Hostile Takeover, Cronyism, Favoritism…same old routine

At the Dec 16, 2015 council meeting, the Borough Council appointed the mayor and two council members to the Water Authority in order to take control. Council also created an $1,800/mo consulting job or retiring police chief McGowan (see McGowan consulting agreement 12-2015).  Council prez added two things to the meeting that were not on the agenda. And, just to make sure the covered all of the illegal, unethical bases, they passed a KPark amendmemt 12-2015 in which they refund $250K of Peck’s deposit, among other things. It’s sickening.

One thought on “Hostile Takeover, Cronyism, Favoritism…same old routine

  1. So…Council VP Rakoff, makes a motion to appoint Council Prez Gazzerro and Mayor Jerk Maxwell to the Water Authority and council member Dague make a secondary motion to appoint VP Rakoff.. It’s ‘approved by Dague, McGlone, Prez Gazerro and VP Rakoff.. Winkler and Feldman opposed. They will be replacing 3 seasoned board members, Pete Duca, Tony Madiro and Fred Bopp. They may not be your favorite people in the Boro, but they HAVE been keeping the Water Authority going. Gazzerro is a plumber. Maxwell is trying desperately be to a politician and I think Rakoff does accounting. Why are the three council members (2 plus The Jerk) taking over DMWA? Do they want to keep the Authority going or are they going to totally mess it up and SELL the Authority to the highest bidder? There was too much left out of the Council meeting…like a DISCUSSION as to why.


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