How low can they go?

At the Nov 4 public Council Meeting, the Borough’s special solicitor for Kardon Park, Pat McKenna, read the proposed 2015 Amendment to the Agreement of Sale.  This is an amendment to the Dec 2011 Agreement, which was a complete do-over of the Aug 2007 Agreement (that had two amendments of its own).  How much money have all these revisions cost the taxpayer, not to mention the cost of continued litigation?  A simple Right to Know Request should reveal the total legal fees over the past 9+ years (RTK forms can be found here).  And, why have there been so many revisions?  The 2011 do-over lowered the price of Kardon Park by approximately $80K in order to offset the legal fees the developer had incurred.  How would the taxpayers benefit from Council reducing the agreed-upon price by over $80K??   Also, even though the Developer would pay the Borough’s legal fees up front, the total would be deducted from the sale price at closing, so the taxpayers would lose even more.    A lot has happened since December 2011, and now the Developer wants Council to make even more concessions that will be at the taxpayers’ expense.  How low will Council agree to go?  We’ll find out on December 16th or sooner.