Guest Post #3 of 3: If X supports Y and Z=Y, did X support Z? Answer: Yes, unless you live in the Borough.

It gets even worse! 

The posted agenda on the Borough’s website does not mention either public hearing, even though both had been re-advertised in the DLN twice in August stating there would be at the Sept 2 Council meeting.

That’s an awful lot of money wasted on advertising. It’s also enough to make a lot of residents VERY upset that their tax dollars are being wasted. It’s even worse if residents DO go to the meeting ready to speak their mind and…they say it’s not gonna happen???

And so it goes from worse to….absolute horrible.

In the New Business portion of the agenda, it states that there will be an AWARD to the ONLY developer that responded to the Request for Proposals (RFP) and is the same developer who showed the Council the plan several months ago. The Developer called it “Union Place”. How nice. It’s the UNION PLACE AWARD.

If you take a look at the photo below, the developer is holding up an artists rendition of his Union Place that would be located next to the former Minquas fire station and exactly where there is currently a parking lot with 66 spaces available. I found the photo at DowningtownMainStreet facebook page. There is more information about the building here on DowningtownDaze. There is also a link to an article from the DLN just above the photo. The last sentence: “The building is proposed at 75 feet tall. This would be about the same height as neighboring buildings, including the former Molly Maguire’s and the Dane Décor bell tower building on Lancaster Avenue.”  Is the reporter BLIND or just writing what DMSA told her to write?

TAKE A LOOK AT THE PHOTO, folks!   This 8-story building towers over the old Minquas fire station and the building on the other side.  This oversized monster is twice as tall as the 2 buildings on either side and does NOT add to the historic value of this section of Downingtown that IS in the National Register of Historic Places.

   Please read the other blogs here and come out to the council meeting and let them know you don’t want this in our borough!

Downingtown Main Street Association

August 20 at 5:55am · Edited ·

DMSA Board of Directors vote unanimously to support Union Place, a seven-story structure with 72 condo apartments, retail shops and public parking. Pictured is Andy Hicks, owner and president of Tripoint Properties, Inc. of Downingtown, with a concept design for the $14 million project.

ANDY HICKS IS A MEMBER of Downingtown Main Street Assoc.

photo of Andy Hicks

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