Maxwell the hypocrite…or is that Maxwell the politician? Oh, right…same thing.

Josh Young and Josh Maxwell are both running for State Representative.  Young recently sent out a campaign flyer claiming Maxwell’s facebook “like” is a clear indicator that Maxwell wants to privatize our colleges.  That isn’t a huge leap, since Maxwell is endorsed by (and seen often with) Senator Dinniman who is sponsoring the bill to privatize colleges.

Maxwell cried “FOUL!” and had this to say on May 13th (on facebook, of course), “Here is a good lesson for all the future politicians out there.  My opponent in next weeks primary sourced a Facebook post that I liked and used it in a negative mailer, claiming that this “like” was evidence that I want to privatize all public schools.  I feel really bad for my friend Dan, who feels guilty that his post was used in this way.”

Note that Maxwell did not say that Young’s flyer was incorrect or misleading.  Maxwell has not taken a position on whether he thinks state colleges should be privatized. Why?  Could it be because he agrees with Josh Young but can’t say so, since that would oppose Dinniman?  Or, perhaps Maxwell agrees with Dinniman but knows it will cost him votes if people know that?  Maxwell needs to man up and stop being the quintessential politician.  He has learned well — talk a lot but say nothing, and never ever take a position on anything controversial (until you’re in office).

Here’s the kicker.  Maxwell’s flyer arrived in the mail today, and it was about a thousand times worse than Young’s.  Maxwell’s flyer would probably qualify as bulk hate mail.  What Young said was logical and supported by Maxwell’s own actions.  What Maxwell did was a complete fabrication intended to incite peoples’ anger against Young.  One can only hope that the voters see Maxwell’s true colors and vote accordingly. 

Here’s what was on Maxwell’s flyer and the stock photo down he photoshopped in the lower left hand corner.  And Maxwell had the nerve to whine like a baby when Young stated the obvious about Maxwell?  How absurd.   Image

Will Josh Young whine about it on facebook like Maxwell did?  Probably not.  That isn’t his character.  Young is competent, confident, and has years of experience.  What about Maxwell?  Ask him.  He’ll probably brag about Downingtown being on Philly Magazine’s “top 10” list, the STEM academy, Downingtown’s top-notch school system, Main Street Association, Downingtown’s AA credit rating (which dropped from AAA), not raising taxes, etc etc.  Ask Maxwell how much he had to do with any of those things.  The answer is, “Not much!”  The mayor is in charge of the police department.  That’s it.  The office of mayor is one of prestige, not responsibility, action, or voting power.  I guess you could say that the mayor is more like a professional schmoozer, and Maxwell has done that very well.

This post is long enough.

PLEASE GET OUT AND VOTE ON TUESDAY!!!!  Democrats, please vote for Josh YOUNG.  He will represent YOU in Harrisburg. 

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