March 19 Council meeting video available

This video is in three parts.

Prez Gazzerro was on his best behavior and actually let council members discuss the Human Relations Commission ordinance, for the most part. He still has a god-complex thinking he can interrupt, take the floor, answer questions directed to the solicitor, or rephrase (“steal”) others’ questions (to redirect focus away from the speaker). How sad that Councilman Winkler actually thanked the prez for allowing discussion — as if Gazzerro was granting a favor — that is Council’s RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY that the VOTERS granted and the Constitution upholds, NOT a gift to be given or withheld at the whim of his lordship.

The mayor was his typical self. Lots of words. Lots of attitude. Rude. This is the person who is running for State Rep. Ugh.

2 thoughts on “March 19 Council meeting video available

  1. Questions regarding the Commissioners’ responsibilities at a ‘fact finding conference’
    1. Will the commissioners be acting as mediators at these conferences?
    Alex: The Ordinance is not preventing the mediation, it’s allowing the mediation.

    2. What are the commissioners’ responsibilities at these conferences?
    Josh: The Ordinance provides lots of different avenues to sort out issues …gives an avenue for people to speak at the local level….

    Fact Finding Conference:
    The Commission will invite both parties to a private conference where each side will present their evidence and documents.
    After the conference both parties will ‘notify’ the Commission if they had resolved the situation and were satisfied with the conclusion.
    If both parties were happy with the resolution, the commissioner will notify each that the complaint was dismissed.
    If the parties feel that the conference did NOT help, the Commissioner will ‘prepare findings of fact and a conclusion as to whether the Commissioner finds probable cause that an unlawful practice has occurred.’

    From the Pennsylvania Council of Mediators:

    A mediator is an impartial third party who encourages and facilitates communications between parties in a process the purpose of which is to resolve a conflict or collaborate in decision-making. A mediator strives to promote understanding, reconciliation, and/or settlement. A mediator does not give advice, represent any party or render a decision on the issues under consideration; the primary responsibility for the outcome of the mediation rests with the parties.

    MY conclusion:
    1) If the conference is to be used for mediation, then the Commissioners need to be educated on what a mediator’s responsibilities are.

    2) If an agreement is reached at the end of the ‘conference’ the complaint is dismissed.

    3) If the parties are not satisfied with the outcome of their conference with a Commissioner, then the Commission should offer suggestions as to whom they may consult next for assistance.
    It should NOT be the Commissioner’s responsibility to declare ‘an unlawful practice has occurred.’


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