March 19 Council meeting video available

This video is in three parts.

Prez Gazzerro was on his best behavior and actually let council members discuss the Human Relations Commission ordinance, for the most part. He still has a god-complex thinking he can interrupt, take the floor, answer questions directed to the solicitor, or rephrase (“steal”) others’ questions (to redirect focus away from the speaker). How sad that Councilman Winkler actually thanked the prez for allowing discussion — as if Gazzerro was granting a favor — that is Council’s RIGHT and RESPONSIBILITY that the VOTERS granted and the Constitution upholds, NOT a gift to be given or withheld at the whim of his lordship.

The mayor was his typical self. Lots of words. Lots of attitude. Rude. This is the person who is running for State Rep. Ugh.

What’s up with Main Street??

Main Street Association won’t share the minutes of their meetings — not with the public or even with council members. I heard their meetings are closed, but I never tried to attend one so can’t verify that.

Ann Feldman asked for a copy of Main Street’s minutes and was denied. That was a surprise! So, she asked for them as a member of council. After all, Council gave them $25K two years in a row, so Council should be privy to MSA’s meetings, right? Nope. That didn’t matter. Plaugher denied Councilor Feldman’s request for a copy of MSA’s minutes.

So, Feldman filed an appeal with the Office of Open Records –>

Main Street Association’s attorney, Jay Fischer, filed a response –>

What’s interesting about MSA’s response is that pages 4 and 5 are missing from their Articles of Incorporation, and info in their bylaws was obviously whited-out. Why would MSA want to keep info from the Office of Open Records? Why, it sure does look like they’re hiding something, doesn’t it?

The OOR is supposed to provide their decision within 30 days (unless they request an extension). This should be interesting.

So, hey, if you’re bored, go ahead and file your own Right to Know Request with Main Street for a copy of their minutes. Maybe you’ll have more luck.