Be at the March 19th Council Meeting

Ordinance 2014-05 has been advertised in the Daily Lacka News and will be adopted this Wednesday the 19th. A big thank you to the people who attended and spoke out at the March 5th meeting. The one person who said he’s okay with 2014-05 just happens to be on Main Street Association and needs to stay in Council’s good favor in order to get his skate park built in the flood plain in the middle of Kerr Park. Other than him, citizens were not in favor of Council adopting this ordinance. Really good questions were raised, but Council Prez Gazzerro and Councilor Rakoff plowed ahead to get it voted on (with a minimal change proposed by favored newbie Pat McGlone). The solicitor said he hadn’t really read the ordinance, so wouldn’t you think Council would want him to read it over prior to taking a vote?? Nah.

Why is Council going to pass 2014-05 that creates a Human Resources Commission? Is it because the LGBT community is not protected against housing and employment discrimination? Nope. That can’t be the reason, because Council does not have the ability or authority to provide protection. Even though everyone on Council was in agreement that LGBTs should be protected from employment and housing discrimination, the State does not currently provide such protection. If the State doesn’t have a law about it, the Borough can’t take it upon themselves and create their own. Imagine what laws this Council would make, if they didn’t have to comply with State law! The Borough cannot enforce anti-discrimination acts against LGBTs, because the State has not given them the authority to do so. It’s as simple as that.

So, why is Council going ahead with this ordinance when it could land the them in court? More than likely, it’s because Josh Maxwell is running for a spot on the State Legislature. This ordinance would be a fine feather in his cap and would appeal to the LGBT voters, right? Let’s hope not. Any person with half a brain can see that this ordinance is NOT enforceable and NOT legal. It’s nothing more than a political stunt at the taxpayers’ expense. It is powerless to protect LGBTs against housing and employment discrimination. There are no laws in PA that provide such protection at this time.