Who has the Power?

Who has the Power in this borough? Does the Power reside with the People? Not in Downingtown, that’s for sure. The Council President has decided that the Power is his to wield, and his alone.

Although 36% of Downingtown had no power, Council President Gazzerro refused to cancel last night’s council meeting. That’s right. Refused. According to PECO, they service 3,700 customers in Downingtown Borough. Yesterday, 1,317 of those customers were without power.

What was so important that the meeting could not be postponed until Feb 19th? Nothing. Nothing at all. However, President Gazzerro knew that most people would stay home due to the storm, and that’s exactly what he wanted — a meeting that was not well attended — particularly when he and his cronies were going to abolish a commission that has been around for 85 years, has been successful, has done nothing wrong, and has many supporters who were planning to attend the meeting. He knew most residents would stay home, because that’s what most rational people do when there’s a state of emergency, or they have no power, or a tree might fall on their house at any moment.

Ah, but there’s the rub. Rational people stay home, but irrational, duplicitous, sneaky, conniving council presidents (and mayor and council members) use that situation to their advantage. This was Gazzerro’s opportunity to do what he wanted while avoiding any responsibility towards his constituents to hear and consider what they want for the future of their borough.

The Council President, Chip Gazzerro, is so irrational that one must wonder if medical intervention should be sought, and quickly. He appointed new council member Pat McGlone as the liaison to the Historical & Parks Commission, knowing that it would be dissolved less than 10 minutes later! Where’s the sense in that?? Councilor Feldman then made a motion to re-appoint Tricia Hartoonian as a commissioner to H&P (or to whatever it becomes). It was voted down, of course. No surprise there. What was surprising is that Gazzerro actually questioned why Councilor Feldman made theh motion to re-appoint Hartoonian since the Commission was being dissolved. Seriously?? He had just appointed McGlone to H&P! Did he not realize how stupid he sounded? Apparently not. He would have to have insight and an ounce of sense in order to see the contradiction and sheer stupidity of his comment. Sadly, he appears to have neither insight nor sense.

Obviously, he has other designs that he and his minions have not made public. Perhaps it has something to do with the 501c3 Sullins mentioned and the significant amount of H&P’s money that now becomes the Borough’s (and the 501c3’s?) to spend as they please.

So, who has the power? Whoever is crafty enough to steal it from the People and get away with it, that’s who. Those are the same people who routinely abuse it — Gazzerro, Mayor Maxwell, DeStefano, Rakoff, Sullins, the borough solicitors, their favored 501c3s, two or three favored developers, a few favored businesses, and their devotees.

It’s time for the People to take their power back.

2 thoughts on “Who has the Power?

  1. Slave labor is alive and well in Downingtown. The Plantation is Borough Council, the Master, President Gazzerro with his trustee overseers, the people who sit beside him. Apparently being part of the Dtown and Historic and Parks Commission means that you were nothing but slave labor, a free worker, generating income for the Borough. The more they made, the more they were expected to make. Then they displeased the Master by exercising 1st amendment rights, and they must be punished, like the 1800’s, they are disposed of and all their earnings become his. History repeats it self.


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