“Nefarious” – Extremely Wicked or Villainous

That describes the actions of four borough council members (with lots of help from the mayor, the borough manager, the borough solicitor, and most likely Main Street Association). The four members are: Council president Chip Gazzerro, Council VP Alex Rakoff, Cara DeStefano, and newcomer Pat McGlone. They already voted once to abolish H&P, and they will be voting on it again on Feb 5th. You can listen to the 7 1/2 minute audio of the Jan 15th meeting here http://youtu.be/rAjB7uRdoKQ. Their current plan is to completely abolish the Historical & Parks Commission. Council members Nick Winkler and Ann Feldman knew nothing of this proposal or decision prior to the Jan 15th meeting.

There are plenty of juicy details to this story…plenty…but you’ll have to come back after the 5th to read about them. For now, know that four members of Borough Council, the Mayor, and the Borough Administration (with help from their pals at Main Street Association, I’m sure) want to disband a Commission of very effective, dedicated volunteers (no cost to the taxpayers) and take over H&P’s responsibilities (paid staff and $25K in the 2014 budget for Main Street Association). Are you disgusted yet? Then please show it by emailing all of Council and showing up at the Feb 5th meeting in support of keeping the Historical & Parks Commission and keeping it out of Council’s, Main Street’s, and Administration’s grubby mitts.

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