Life’s most persistent and urgent question is, What are you doing for others? -Martin Luther King Jr.

Something worth thinking about, particularly with the upcoming elections. 
I''m so sick and tired of our so-called "representatives" representing
everyone except the people that voted for them!

What's the deal with Molly Maguire's?? They had a liquor control board
hearing, and the "who's who" of Downingtown were there. Borough Mgr
Steve Sullins, Council prez Chip Gazzerro, "D(on't) U(nderestimate)
I(diots)" Mayor Maxwell, Barry Cassidy (oooo, there's a photo of him
hanging in the Phxville Molly's,so he's a Molly's groupie), and even
Senator Dinniman was in on the action! Now, tell me, is it standard
procedure for borough officials (and a State Senator!) to attend a r
estaurant's LCB hearing?? I think not! WHAT is going on??? Something
smells, and it can't be blamed on the dog this time.

Well, I guess the "urgent question" that was before the council prez, the
mayor, and the Senator was this, "OOOHH NOOOOOO!!!!!!! WHAT WILL WE DO
IF MOLLY'S DOESN'T GET ITS LIQUOR LICENSE???!!!" I mean, the mayor won't
have the thrill of a new watering hole, and the others will likely have
to take a loss in their portfolios.