They filed petitions to … WHAT??

OH MY GOODNESS!!!  The developers, Jack Loew and Sarah Peck, filed not one, but TWO, petitions to Judge Platt in Orphans’ Court!  The first petition is to preclude (prevent) Friends of Kardon Park and Kim Mfg from challenging the sale at all.  The second petition is to preclude Friends of Kardon Park and Kim Mfg from entering any evidence (on issues that were never argued before). 

Seriously??  If I were Judge Platt, I’d either be highly offended at their insult to my intelligence, or I’d be roflmao at their idiotic and pathetic antics.  Peck and Loew must have LOTS of money to just throw away on stupid petitions (where do they FIND these lawyers, anyways??).  Oh, wait, they don’t need money, because the Borough will just lower the sale price AGAIN to offset the developers’ legal fees!  In essence, that means the taxpayers are footing the developers’ bills.  Oh, don’t act so surprised.  Once the Borough entered into the sales agreement giving the developer full control of the Borough’s purse strings, that was that, and representation of their constituents ceased.  Don’t believe me?  Take a look at the 2nd Amendment to the Agreement of Sale.  Or is it the 3rd Amendment?  Or, perhaps it’s the entirely NEW agreement of sale that was drawn up, which lowered the sale price of the property.  I’ll attach those some other time.

Petition to Preclude Challenge to the Sale of Condemned Parcels:

Memorandum of Law to Preclude Challenge to the Sale of Condemned Parcels:

 Petition to Preclude Evidence:

Memorandum of Law to Preclude  Evidence:


JD Journal news and Home school news

Interesting stuff in the JD Journal today…..U.S. Treasury Announces that Same-Sex Marriages Will Get Federal Tax Recognition in All States…….Obama Suggests Two Years is Enough for Law School…….Low-Wager Earners Walk-Out and Strike Across Country.  Here’s the link:–dt_20130902-cid_34270-Did_5100191-ad_JDJ~MCNA#

AND, it looks like water has been found on the moon — pretty cool!

In other news, the German family who came to America in order to escape persecution for home schooling returned to Germany and recently had their children taken from them!   From HSLDA (Home School Legal Defense Agency):  “Please, please read this article and call the German Embassy today at (202) 298-4000. The time has come for us to take sustained and vigorous action. HSLDA is working diligently on the next step in this fight for freedom, and we are counting on you to join with us in the battle! “