Who’s paying the bill?

So, the news is that Becky Corbin sponsored a bill HB1602 that undoes what HB1884/Act 162 did and then turns around and re-does it all over again. The differences between HB1602 and Act 162 are the addition of detailed descriptions for the park “improvements”, and the dollar amount of the appraised value of the 14 acres in East Caln (that includes 4th Lake). If HB1602 passes, the price would be locked in at $285K — that’s ridiculous! 14 acres for $285K?! Gosh, that doesn’t smell at all now, does it?

There should be links around here somewhere to HB1602 and to HB1884/Act 162. I know I added ’em, but who knows where they’ll show up. If you find the Act 162 link, do a find on “Section 6”, because that’s where Downingtown’s info is.

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