About same-sex marriage….

The Atty General Kathleen Kane’s refusal to enforce the law in PA against same-sex marriages got me to thinking…

Yes, it’s a hot button for both sides, and the emotions seem to be clouding and crowding out logic. I have my own very firm position on the matter, as do most people, but that isn’t the topic of this letter. I’m not taking sides, other than to say that I’m on the side of the people (both sides) and am attempting to present an impartial solution to meet the needs of our current societal norms. The law must serve all people, regardless of their belief system.

There are four possible outcomes to the same-sex marriage battle: lose-win, win-lose, lose-lose, or win-win. The logical question to ask is, “How can both sides win?” The answer seems pretty simple to me. I think the logical fix would be for each state (not the Federal Gov’t) to create another category for same-sex marriage, if that state chooses to do so. “Marriage” would remain between a man and a woman, but a new category called “non-traditional marriage” would be created, and the definition would be determined by the state’s legislature, which (in theory) represents its citizens. Having a separate definition provides the flexibility to address issues that are unique to “non-traditional marriage” and to omit issues that are unique to “traditional marriage”.

Let’s face it, the two unions are very different, so why try to change the definition of one to accommodate the other? Allow me to illustrate this point, and please understand that there is absolutely no offense intended in the choice of animals used in this analogy. If two horses come together, they make another horse. Let’s call that horse offspring “traditional marriage”. If a horse and donkey come together, they make a mule Let’s call that mule offspring “non-traditional marriage”. Both offspring share commonalities in that they are the result of a union, but they are distinctly different animals. That’s why a mule is called a mule (with its own unique definition and attributes) and not a horse or a donkey. “Marriage” is the union between a man and a woman. “Non-traditional marriage” is the union between two people of the same gender.

By establishing a separate category for “non-traditional marriage”, the supporters of same-sex marriage would achieve the benefits they seek (both tangible and emotional), and it would protect the sanctity of traditional marriage that supporters are seeking to preserve. Both sides win.

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