If a tree falls in a forest….

So, let’s see….If a law has been enacted, but there’s no one to defend it, does it really exist?

We’re hearing that PA Atty General Kathleen Kane will not enforce the law simply because she does not agree with it.  Perhaps in the future same-sex marriage will be legalized in PA, but for now it isn’t legal. 

Do you think AG Kane’s actions are respectable or ridiculous?


3 thoughts on “If a tree falls in a forest….

  1. Thanks for that info. I spoke off the cuff without looking into the situation at all. So, is the Supreme Court looking at cases, or did they actually make a decision? If the Supreme Court hasn’t made a decision, I still have maintain that Kane’s responsibility is to uphold the law as it currently stands. It seems to me that by deciding the law is unconstitutional without having the Court’s final decision, she is acting as if she’s a judge. But, I don’t have all the facts, so I could be interpreting this incorrectly.

  2. I believe there is someone from the AG’s working for the State. Kane considers the PA law unconstitutional.There were cases presented to the US Supreme Court. Kane is agreeing with The Supreme’s decision.

  3. I have a few minutes to get back to this topic now. My thoughts are that AG Kane should do what she was sworn to do — uphold the laws of PA. If she would like the laws to be changed, then there’s nothing stopping her from spearheading that legislation. Until the law is changed, she is obligated to enforce of the law, regardless of her personal opinions. If she has a conflict with a particular issue, then she should step aside and give that issue to an assistant to handle.


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